Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Autobiography of an Umbrella

Autobiography of an umbrella
I am a raincoat. In my life of three rainy seasons , I have gone through a number of experiences of which majority are pleased ones. Now I’ve become old and am not much of use but I am satisfied with my journey and spend my time recalling my memories with pleasure.
I was made in a factory in Ahemdabad. I am made of plastic. I have many beautiful and colorful designs and I have a cap too. I was packed to dispatched to a big shop. There were thousands of umbrella’s, raincoat’s, windsheater’s etc. I was the best raincoat in the whole shop. We were displayed in glass windows. One day we were taken to World Trade Center for an exhibition. Everyone was eager as that exhibition would come after every four years. Over there we were kept in a shop which was on first floor. There were lakh’s of people who came to see the exhibition. One boy came and stopped at our shop. He had come along with his mother and wanted to buy a raincoat. His eyes fell on me, I looked so magnificent that he decided to buy me. His mother checked the size and I was perfect for him. His mother paid and took me home. His eyes were shining with joy and excitement. He wore me and stood in front of the mirror and started seeing me how I looked. He packed me carefully in his school bag with other books. The next day he took me to his school. That day it rained heavily and he took me out of his school bag and wore me. I got wet but did not allow him to get wet. Three weeks passed like this and we had fun with each other. One day he forgot me in the school and the cleaner saw me and took me to his home and gave me to his son. The cleaner’s son took me out to play. He was climbing a tree where got stuck and Now I am lying in the gutter tattered and no one wants me as I am waiting for my last breathe to go by.
By : Dhairya Mody (10 years)


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